Islamix is the premier community cohesion advocate organization - working nationally with Governments and relevant agencies with a local perspective, always at the forefront.

Islamix always works within the principle of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil or discourse.
We are a leading and innovative organisation focusing from the interface of Muslim to non-Muslim interaction,
dialogue and understanding.


Islamix was constituted in 2009 although it has existed since 2007. Negative media following 9/11, 7/7 bombing, 2006 Transatlantic aircraft bombing and other terrorist activities created unrest amongst law abiding Muslims who were targeted for just being Muslims. Community action amongst the silent majority of people, both Muslims and non-Muslims sparked the need to create change to address issues faced by communities with aim of creating harmony within communities but also to address misconceptions created about Islam and Muslim people by negative media. Islamix was born to educate, raise awareness, improve community relations, bridge cultural divide and create solidarity amongst communities.


Our vision is to improve and create deeper understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, with a view to creating a more harmonious and peaceful society.



  • to promote understanding of culture between Muslim and non-Muslim communities
  • to promote good community relations amongst different communities
    and break down barriers
  • to raise awareness through education and training that provides accurate information and perspective of Islam
  • to promote harmonisation and cohesion within and between diverse communities
  • to work towards a united community, one that is against violent extremism and to prevent radicalisation
  • to challenge and correct misconception created by media about Islam and Muslims
  • to petition on Islamix aims and perspective at Local, National, European and International level