Totteridge Mosque – Open Day

Free entrance, all welcome. An informative and engaging presentation with Q&A
Totteridge Mosque, Totteridge Road, High Wycombe.
from 2 – 5 pm on 31st October 2010

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Events Promotion and engagement

Islamix actively promotes dialogue coupled with action - to visit the different faiths and places of worship. We regularly participate or facilitate the following and our work stream is expanding.

Mosque and Faith visits

These include a tour of the Mosque with the option of meeting and enjoying the different type of cooking from Muslim countries. We also promote Muslim delegations to visit other centres of different faith, from Churches, Synagogues to Temples. All to foster a deeper and dialogue and understanding.

Dine at mine

Islamix encourage and facilitates functions where meeting and discussions take place with food involved. There are various countries and cultures within the faiths and these also have their own range of delicious dishes and delicacies. The best way for enjoying dialogue and understanding is also via opening up the various faiths kitchens.

Awareness Presentations

Our presenters engage in talks and conferences explaining about general Islam understanding to more specific topics such as extremism and understanding for agencies.  These are at faith centres or in the community.

Corporate Consultancy and Presentations

The market for products and services from the Muslim community is into the billions. We currently consult to a number of large companies on ways to increase business within this growing and profitable sector, from Halal Banking finance to increasing customer base for legal corporations.