Islamix focuses it’s work on five main areas, these are detailed below:-


Islamix works with police and prison services providing advice on Muslim related issues, such as prayer facilities, diet, cultural needs to incarcerations issue.


Islamix supports new Mosque openings, holds Mosque Open days, Events and Dinners inviting visitors of various faiths to tackle misunderstanding via an atmosphere of cordiality. Islamix takes the challenge for integration over segregation.

Corporate Training

Islamix can provide training and Awareness raising talks on different aspects of Islam for a range of audience, tailored to suit the needs of individual organisations.


Islamix can provide consultancy advice on all aspects relating to increasing diversity business with simple understanding of culture relation and faith etiquette. Islamix is also currently enlisting Muslim and other investors to support small business and entrepneurial ventures. We welcome any proposals for consideration and these are passed to the relevant group.


Islamix is a non-political organisation advocating for tolerance and cohesive society principles in a growing diverse society. We are increasing contact and work streams in this area. Our current work stream and dialogue includes (amongst others) :

  • British Parliament

  • European Parliament

  • USA Government – including Congress and Senate

  • Saudia Arabian Government

  • Pakistan Government